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You deserve a job that inspires you, one that makes you excited to come to work. We understand your time & skills are valuable, and that you want to be part of something big. Our company's reviews reflect our industry-leading training, talent & service.


We help great people become great pros who make lasting impacts on people's lives. Through a focus on FIRE (fun, improvement, revenue, efficiency), we'll help you stress less & thrive more.


Read more below to see if we're a fit for you, then APPLY HERE with your 1) resume, references & social media profiles, and 2) a few paragraphs on why you want to join our company.



10 Reasons to work for us (in no specific order):

  1. Fun
  2. Flexibility
  3. Team & culture
  4. Impact on people
  5. Stability & security
  6. Great pay & benefits
  7. Opportunity to travel
  8. Advancement opportunities
  9. Relationships & connections
  10. Personal & Professional development



DJ & Photobooth positions:

Were Hiring both part-time and full-time DJs, as well as part-time Photo Booth staff to join our teams in Charlotte, Asheville & Charleston. Read below for detailed information on:

  • Pay
  • Commitment
  • Training & On-Boarding
  • Who We Are
  • Application


DO APPLY FOR THIS JOB: if you love people as much as music, are organized, communicate well, have boatloads of integrity, and can confidently lead a room of 200 people. You're both humble & hungry, willing to learn, and know that it's going to take some time and hard work to build trust in each other, learn our systems & make you an all-around event professional and industry leader. If you have the work ethic & right attitude, you'll have all the work you'd ever want after 6-9 months and be able to say you're part of one of the top DJ companies in the country.

DO NOT APPLY FOR THIS JOB: if you have a "me-first" attitude and ego that can't be put aside, if you're only in it for the music, and if you're looking for a quick payday. Our life's work is people's life moments, so we take the time to vet our people, build trust in each other, and fully prepare you to be all-around event professionals.


The Pay

For DJs, the average pay is $500-800 per wedding, $200-500 per event, and ranges between $25-50 per hour for all time invested in each wedding/event. Average wedding prep is 12-15 hours and the average wedding day is 12hrs. The average event day is 5 hours. For our PB staff, the starting pay is $200 per event, with senior staff making $250-300 per event. An average day is 10 hours.


Starting salary for full-time DJs is $40,000 - $50,000 and includes a health insurance stipend, paid vacations & holidays, additional bonus opportunities, company outings, and a company IRA match (after 1-year). For reference, the average salary for a mobile DJ nationally is $32-40k based on various reports.

The Commitment

The minimum commitment we ask of our team is 15 weddings and 5 events/year for a total of 20 gigs. For DJs, we’ll put you through our Carolina DJ School curriculum for free when you sign a non-compete to join our team. The training consists of 100 hours of classroom & field training, as well as on-boarding to our operations and approach. Our curriculum is based off 25+ years in the industry and our owner is one of a select few national industry educators.


Once training is complete, you'll need to block off a minimum of 1 night/week and 1 weekend/month. We also have a monthly mandatory team meeting on a regular Wednesday from 6-10pm. DJs need to be able to commit to weddings 6-12 months in advance, as that's when we're often booked. Events are booked on both short-term and long-term and assigned to staff as they are available. 


Applicants must also have reliable transportation and some experience relevant to events, be it direct wedding/event involvement or experience in planning, public speaking, music, performance, production or media.


All DJs, Photo Booth staff, and Mgmt must be able to lift some 25 to 40-pound equipment to shoulder height. Those working a Photo Booth (PB) must have the ability to fit 6-foot panels in a vehicle on a rare occasion.


Who We Want

We're looking for individuals who are organized, dependable, strong communicators, love music, and are passionate about building relationships and helping people on big days. 75% of our business is doing weddings, so you must truly enjoy all things wedding-related and working closely with couples and other event professionals.


We provide all training on equipment, event structure/execution, and the entire DJ and/or Photo Booth process from booking through event completion. What we cannot teach and are looking for is personality, attitude, character, communication, organization, and a love of music and people. We’re only looking for the best people and those willing to be coached. 


Who We Are

We DJ/MC hundreds of weddings & events each year throughout the Carolinas. We’ve been doing this for over 25 years and are tops in our industry. We also educate our industry peers on a national level and are one of the largest and best DJ companies in the Carolinas and country based on reviews, reputation, number of events, and team size.


We have an amazing team of people and we get to work with hundreds of incredible clients on the biggest days of their lives for them or their company. From pool parties to weddings to events in front of thousands, what we do is incredibly rewarding, important, and packed full of responsibility.



Think we're a fit for your job and/or career needs? Then APPLY HERE with your 1) resume, references & social media profiles, and 2) a few paragraphs on why you want to join our company.