Lighting Options

Our Dance Floor Lighting is included as standard in all our packages.

You can see examples below from actual weddings to see how our lighting both looks & how it fills a room.

You can also find more examples on our VIDEOS page. Other lighting options you could add are: 


Dance Floor Lighting

  • Our standard dance floor lighting is a mix of colors that blinks to the beat of the music and helps create the dance floor atmostphere.
  • It is set up on a single stand that looks like a "T," with four lights hanging from it. 
  • If desired, we can also set up a truss with more lighting for an additional cost. 
  • A truss sits on two stands and runs across above the DJ setup. It can hold 8-16 lights. 



  • Uplighting are lights that are placed on the ground and shoot light up a wall/column/tree to provide color and ambience to a room or area.
  • You can add as many uplights as you want throughout the venue, inside/outside, and in any color.
  • On avg, 12-16 lights are used to fill the room.
  • Our lights are wireless and top-of-the-line, so there will be no cords visible. In very rare occasions we may need to plug in power if a battery pack fails for example, but even then we hide power cables as best possible. 
  • We ask clients to choose 1-2 color preferences from a color chart we send. We'll match that color as closely as possible, but cannot guarantee it will be an exact match as the natural lighting on wedding/event day, and the color of the walls, will affect how the uplighting color will look. But rest assured it will be very close!

 Monogram Projection

  • We can project a custom design with your names, initials & date on the dance floor, wall or ceiling.
  • You can create your own design or choose from dozens of template designs.

If viewing on a Mobile Device, CLICK HERE to view Videos on our YouTube Channel.