I wanted to create a series of monthly Lunch & Learn events for fellow wedding and event pros so we don't all feel like I look in that picture! Seriously though, how many times do we feel like our businesses are running us, instead of the opposite? We attend networking events regularly, but how often do we share ideas that make our businesses better, our lives easier and increase not just profits, but also our personal and professional joy? There's power in a community of learning, so I've gathered some of the best professionals around to speak about things they've learned so we can all benefit.


I've been a DJ for 27 years, starting at age 16. During that time, I also juggled successful "mini-careers" in television, radio, print, as a golf pro, executive director and business coach. I lived everywhere from Maine to Miami to Utah. I covered the Olympics for NBC, worked on-air for CBS, FOX and locally for WSOC. I took a $1-million company to $10-million, played golf against PGA Tour players, and coached both golfers AND businesses. Then in 2011 I turned my focus solely to Carolina DJ Professionals, which has grown from 1 person to 30, with over 600 events/year, 7 straight years of growth and a reputation as one of the best in the Carolinas. 


I share this not to sound arrogant, because I despise arrogance and value humility. I share because I've been fortunate to learn so many things, from so many people, in so many different industries. I've tried and failed. I've asked for help. I've learned and believe in continuous learning. And I value a community of people to learn from one another and help each other grow. So that's why these topics are so important to me. 

We'll meet the FIRST THURSDAY of every month from 11:30am-1:00pm. We've created a great collection of topics, venues and speakers I think are beneficial to everyone, no matter what area of the industry you're in! 


Register for any of the Lunch & Learns via the Our Events for Colleagues page.
For more information on day-of info and what to expect, visit our LnL Registration Details page.