EVENTS for our fellow Wedding/Event Pros!

Monthly Lunch & Learn: January
Topic: "The DISC in DJ: Tools to Understanding People," with Troy Adams
Where: Separk Mansion
When: Thursday, 1/9/20 from 11:30am-1pm
Cost: $14/person
Caterer: Roots Catering
Details: All your prospects, clients & colleagues have the same personality, right? Surely we can agree the answer is no. So if the people you interact with all have different personalities, but assuming you only have one, how do you communicate with them all? You wouldn't only speak English to someone who only understands Spanish right? Understanding and adapting to different personalities is essential to succeed in business and life. Using the DISC assessment platform, Troy will help identify your style, recognize other styles, and communicate across all styles. 

Monthly Lunch & Learn: February
Topic: "What Did You Expect?" with Abby Henderson
Where: The Collector's Room, by Beau Monde
When: Thursday, 2/6/20 from 11:30am-1pm
Cost: $14/person
Caterer: Roots Catering
Details: This picture pretty much says it, but we'll make it even more clear: you can expect to have fun with Abby. But what exactly does that mean? What can your couples expect from you? Do they know what you expect of them? Setting clear expectations with clients, colleagues and team members is vital to success. So that YOU know what to expect...Abby will talk about why to set expectations, and doing so regarding boundaries, priorities and crisis management. We expect you there!

Monthly Lunch & Learn: March
Topic: Online Trends: How to stand out in 2020, with Samie & Ryan Roberts
Where: Hampton Inn & Suites, Southpark at Phillips Place
When: Thursday, 3/5/20 from 11:30am-1pm
Cost: $14/person
Caterer: Plate Perfect Catering

Details: Samie & Ryan have their stuff together. Not only do they run a successful planning company in Something Perfect Weddings & Events, but they also founded Bustld, which takes a personalized approach to pair clients and vendors. So they're the perfect pair to talk about how to stand out online in 2020. From websites to social media, we're sure to "like" or "heart" this talk!


Recreate the Hits Vendor Video Shoot
Where: Big Chill
When: Sunday, 3/1, 4-8pm
Cost: Free!
Details: Our yearly video where we "recreate" the previous year's biggest songs in our own fun way. No dancing skills required. Come join in the video ... or enjoy a drink and laugh at everyone else! Either way, we promise a fun afternoon!
Videos from Past Years


Monthly Lunch & Learn: April
Topic: "Time for a Change: Life-changing approaches & apps" with Troy Adams
Where: Providence Cotton Mill
When: Thursday, 4/2/20 from 11:30am-1pm
Cost: $14/person
Caterer: The Smoke Pit
Details: In this day and age, we're all busy. But is your busy by design? Do you let your schedule run you instead of you running it? Or do you put together a plan, only to find others send you on a distraction detour? Overburdened schedules, others' agendas, and poor planning all result in less success and more burnout. In a talk Troy shares nationally, he'll cover approaches & apps to take control of your time and deter distractions. Guests will walk away with practical ways to increase efficiency, success and joy as well. 


Monthly Lunch & Learn: May
Topic: "Love Languages in the Workplace," with Erin Dennis
Where: Holiday Inn Charlotte Center-City
When: Thursday, 5/7/20 from 11:30am-1pm
Cost: $14/person
Caterer: Holiday Inn Charlotte Center-City
Details: We consider Erin an expert in connecting with people. She's been recognized nationally on multiple occasions for her contributions to the event industry. She also speaks nationally on networking and building better relationships. Citing information from the best-selling books on love languages, Erin will share ways to better connect with both colleagues, clients and staff. Bring your boss or your team, as this is sure to be a can't miss talk for all!

Monthly Lunch & Learn: June
Topic: Panel Discussion with Past Brides & Grooms
Where: Pine Island CC
When: Thursday, 6/4/20 from 11:30am-1pm
Cost: $14/person
Caterer: Pine Island CC
Details: In this panel discussion, we've gathered together past clients that have worked with us and other industry pros. This will be an opportunity to ask them just about anything! We'll talk about things they found of value, things they'd do differently, and what influenced their decisions. You'll have the opportunity to submit questions ahead of time you'd like to cover. There will also be dedicated time for open discussion and questions. Don't miss this valuable insight!


The Coronavirus Post-Party
Where: TBD
When: TBD
Cost: FREE
Details: After we all get through this COVID-19 coronavirus crisis, we'll be throwing one epic post-party for all those affected by it...which basically means...for everyone. We want to celebrate the opportunity to socialize again, as well as give something positive to all those who had to postpone weddings, events, lost revenue, etc.

Monthly Lunch & Learn: July
Topic: Business & Balance: A Juggling Act, with David Klingel
Where: The Peninsula Club
When: Thursday, 7/9/20 from 11:30am-1pm
Cost: $14/person
Caterer: The Peninsula Club
Details: As Mr. Miyagi once told Daniel-son in Karate Kid, "all life must have balance." There's a balance within your business. And there's a balance with your business. As "The Event Professor," David consults other businesses and juggles multiple roles in doing so. He's active in the hospitality industry and balances leadership roles there. And as a workaholic, he's had to work to find balance with his personal and professional life also. He'll share his lessons learned for juggling both your hustle and hobbies, and living with no excuses or regrets. 

Monthly Lunch & Learn: August
Topic: Selling the Client Experience, with Kimberly Werner
Where: Mint Museum - Randolph
When: Thursday, 8/6/20 from 11:30am-1pm
Cost: $14/person
Caterer: Something Classic
Details: Kim has been crushing sales and delivering amazing client experiences for 15 years across 3 states with The Ritz-Carlton.  As the Sr. Catering Manager at Charlotte's only 5-Diamond hotel, Kim knows the high standards needed to excel in this industry. A past president of NACE also, she's worked with colleagues to advance this industry. Kim's talk is sure to provide practices that will help build business and relationships for anyone in this industry. 

Monthly Lunch & Learn: September
Topic: Sales Doesn't Have To Be Sleazy, with Cass Bradley
Where: Ritchie Hill
When: Thursday, 9/3/20 from 11:30am-1pm
Cost: $14/person
Caterer: TBD
Details: Cass Bradley is fearless. She's fiery. And she's accomplished. As the founder of BlueSky Photo Artists, the Live Loud Collective, and Bungalow 1325, Cass is hell-bent on both empowering others and being genuine. This talk will shatter myths and misguided advice to improve your approach, and results, with sales. Selling should be a win-win for both you and your clients. Come hear Cass share how having real discussions will lead to real sales improvements. 

Monthly Lunch & Learn: October
Topic: Make Your Business Dance, with Troy Adams
Where: Anne Springs Close Greenway Gateway
When: Thursday, 10/1/20 from 11:30am-1pm
Cost: $14/person
Caterer: Fresh Eats Catering
Details: In this fun & motivational talk, we'll talk about the "four moves" to build a successful business. Whether you're just getting started, looking to grow, or looking for more joy and balance...these four practices are essential to making your business (and life) dance. Using this approach, Troy took CDJP from a solo a team of 40, in 3 cities, in 5 years. Now he checks email 3x/week and has more time to build castles with his kids. Come find out the four "Power P's," and maybe even bust a move during this practical and uplifting session.

Monthly Lunch & Learn: November
Topic: Cover Your Assets, with a Lawyer/CPA/Financial Advisor/Insurance
Where: Whitehead Manor
When: Thursday, 11/5/20 from 11:30am-1pm
Cost: $14/person
Caterer: TBD
Details: As you begin looking ahead at 2021, have you properly covered your assets? Come to this panel discussion with a lawyer, accountant, financial advisor, and insurance agent as they discuss all the protections you should have in place for your business. You'll have the opportunity to submit questions ahead of time you'd like to cover. There will also be dedicated time for open discussion and questions. Don't miss this valuable information!

Monthly Lunch & Learn: December
Topic: Work/Life Balance, with Julie Staley
Where: Dove Meadows
When: Thursday, 12/3/20 from 11:30am-1pm
Cost: $14/person
Caterer: Flipside Catering
Details: As we head into the busy holiday season and prepare for a new year, this talk comes at a perfect time to remind us of what's really important. You can't escape the "hustle years," but there will come a time when one needs to decide the direction of their business and life. Julie has filled every leadership role from corporate sales, to stay at home Mom, to CEO of Old South Studios. Along the way, she learned ways to better balance professional pursuits with personal joy. She'll share the techniques and behaviors she learned for a better work/life balance in this uplifting talk.