EVENTS for our Current & Past Clients!

We'll be building this page out in December to feature all our 2020 events! 

We're Married Now What
Where: Big Chill
When: Thursday, 3/12/20, 6:30-8pm
Cost: Free!
Details: This seminar is designed to help you through all the changes and important areas that come with marriage. We'll have a panel of 5-7 professionals who will give a 7-10 minute presentation each on things married couples will want to know!


*This talk is part of our monthly Lunch & Learn series for wedding/event pros, but we open this LnL up to everyone since it's a topic everyone can relate with!

Monthly Lunch & Learn: April
Topic: "Making Time for Success: 10 Steps in Time Mgmt," with Troy Adams
Where: Providence Cotton Mill
When: Thursday, 4/2/20 from 11:30am-1pm
Cost: $14/person
Caterer: The Smoke Pit
Details: In this day and age, we're all busy. But is your busy by design? Do you let your schedule run you instead of you running it? Or do you put together a plan, only to find others send you on a distraction detour? Overburdened schedules, others' agendas, and poor planning all result in less success and more burnout. In a talk Troy shares nationally, he'll cover 10 steps in taking control of your time and deterring distractions. Guests will walk away with practical ways to increase efficiency, hopefully success and joy as well. 

The Great Mix-Up Charity Event
Where: Big Chill
When: Friday, 8/28, 8pm-2am
Cost: $75 early bird RSVP, $100 general admission
Details: This will be one of the best parties of the year. We'll have 2 rooms of music, rotating DJs from different companies, an open bar, light food, multiple photo booths and more. And all for charity. This event is open to everyone. Come connect, network, scope out DJs, have fun & support local charities in the process. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO & TO RSVP