Quinn Russell

Lead DJ / Operations Director / Charleston GM

I had trouble just selecting a bio picture for Quinn. Why? Because she can do anything, has been everywhere, and is a ton of fun! When we first met Quinn, we were immediately impressed. She nailed every hard question we gave her on music, mixing, weddings, events, you name it. But even more impressive...she's in it for the right reason: people. She wants to make a positive impact on people, help them celebrate life's biggest days/events, and do so through music & DJing. 


Quinn is also an accomplished singer, dancer & actor. She grew up on the beaches of NC, got her start as a karaoke DJ in New York, and later as an event entertainer in LA. She's even ordained and could jump in to marry you if needed! 


She has a zest for life, a passion for music, and her friends say "she's never met a stranger." She makes your wedding/event about you and bringing your vision come to life. And those are just some of the reasons why we know she's going to help make your wedding/event a success. 


Email:  Quinn@CarolinaDJProfessionals.com

What song best desribes you as a DJ?

Can't Stop the Feeling by Justin Timberlake.


If I were a singer in a band, I'd be...

...Sara Bareilles


What's the worst hairdo you've ever had?

I don’t know, I had a perm once and it looked like a poodle died on my head so probably that. 


If I'm your DJ, I promise I won't…

...pretend to know more about your dream day than you do. 


What's your go-to dance move?

The b-boy rock step.


What's your strongest trait as a DJ?

Communication and People-Skills.


Worst thing you've ever seen at a Wedding...

The DJ forgetting his introduction cues and saying the last name wrong. 


Favorite thing about DJing a Wedding or Event?  

Getting to know my bride and groom and watching their faces light up during the event.  

Creating memories and moments that will not be forgotten. 


What's your funniest DJ memory?

I was DJing for a 10-year-olds birthday party once and the birthday girl's best friend came up to me and thanked me for the great music...but then came back at me with other requests she thought I should definitely add to my playlist. She had so much sass at the age of 10 and it makes me giggle every time I think about it! 


What's your favorite sport?  

Softball & Football. 


Favorite team?



Favorite activities beside DJing?

Dancing, Karaoke, Hiking, Camping, Traveling, Singing, anything active. 


You're too old to...

...you’re never too old for anything, unless it’s being disrespectful. 


You're too young to...

...say I’m too old. 


Everyone asks the DJ what their favorite song is...so what's yours?

The Way You Look Tonight, the Tony Bennett version.

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