Meet Our Team

We're ultra picky about who we hire to represent us and to entrust the responsibility of leading such big moments for you or your company. Every one of these people is incredible, and we're lucky to have them part of the CDJP family. Find reviews on each of them at Wedding Wire, The Knot, and Google

Aaron Kinne, Lead DJ

Aaron is one of the most experienced DJs on our team. He's actually owned two of his own DJ businesses and ran them very successfully. So when Aaron came to us and said he didn't want to run a business anymore, he just wanted to DJ, we were blown away with excitement. See, when we first started, he was one of the guys we looked at and said, "he does great work." So the fact he thought highly enough of us to dissolve his own business and join ours was an absolute honor. 


Aaron is a true all-around professional. For kickers, his wife is a very successful wedding photographer. So he lives this industry. And he loves what he does. Before he joined our team, one of our team members ran into him at an event and after told our owner, "I wish we could get him on our team." Aaron is very skilled at what he does. He's that perfect balance of being both engaging, and a great listener. He's full of character, competence, experience and humility. We're lucky to have him on our team and know he'll make a great addition to your team of vendors for any wedding or event. 

Amaya Kinch Lead DJ

Amaya is our internationally experienced DJ! While a student at Appalachian State, Amaya studied abroad in Australia. While there, she worked with a local DJ company and successfully executed a number of weddings! Fittingly, one of her life goals is to travel and DJ internationally. It's also one of her goals to work as many weddings & events as possible. She loves what she does, and it shows. Amaya is full of life, energy, and joy. That carries over to the people she's around. It's hard to be in a bad mood around Amaya, as she brings us all up!

She's a fan of pretty much all music. From Indie to pop, 70s and 80s to current, she will get down...and help you get anything. Put her passion, personality, experience and drive together, and we know she'll help make your event a memorable and successful one. 

Amelia Duncan, Lead DJ

Amelia is one of the most balanced DJs, and people, on our team. When we first spoke with Amelia, she was working with another DJ company in Florida but was making a move to Charlotte to be near family, so she reached out to us. We scheduled a meeting months in advance and maintained regular contact. That showed us from the beginning how on top of planning and communication she was. Come our first meeting, there she was, on-time and in the right place...and without the need for constant back-and-forths to make it happen. Set the time...and she's there. She'll be like that for your wedding and event also - on top of everything, efficient and reliable. 


Her personality shines through in everything. You can't help but smile when chatting with Amelia. To be cliche, she's the type of person that brightens up a room when there. She makes it about YOU, not herself, which is right in line with our company approach. She listens to your vision, then executes it. She can lead a room, make everyone dance & make sure your event is a success. 

Brian Stauffer, Lead DJ

Not only does Brian have great hair, but he also has great experience and character. Brian has been on-air as a radio DJ for 25 years, and much of that time working as a mobile DJ also. He's a seasoned professional, but more than that, he's also humble and hungry. He has a great attitude and way about him. We're lucky to have him on our team. It took a while to make it happen though...


When we first met Brian and offered him the job to join our team...he ended up having to decline it because he was relocated for a radio job. We were crushed. But then he totally redeemed himself when he wrote us back about a year later that he was moving back to Asheville for good. His Mom lives in Asheville, and after working radio all over the country also, this is where he wants to call home. He loves dogs, people, and he's constantly striving to improve. We love that, as constant improvement is a core belief of ours. We know Brian is a pro, and we know he'll help make your day a huge success. 

David Miller, Lead DJ / Staff Mgr

It takes a special kind of person to excel in this industry. A person who loves people, teamwork, crazy schedules, challenges, music, technology, learning, and all things weddings and events. David is that person. Not only did David have tremendous experience already when he joined our team, but his wife is also a wedding planner! David has a full understanding of everything it takes to execute a great wedding or event. He also exemplifies our core values. 


David values relationships, prepares extensively, and pursues learning. He demonstrates both character and competence, puts people first, and translates experience to execution excellence. We're lucky to have him on our team, and we know he'll help make your event a success. 

George White, Lead DJ

George White was born with headphones on. His first baby crib was actually an old equipment case. And at the age of 3 he started his Wedding career when he stole the hearts of hundreds with his Footloose performance of "Let's Hear it for the Boy" on a reception dance floor. Fast Forward 30 years & George is one of our Lead DJs. 


What makes George strong as a DJ is his ability to listen to your ideas and bring them to life. He's a wizard on the board. I even had another DJ company call me once to ask who DJed a certain wedding because the photographer was still talking about how the DJ did for weeks after. George was that DJ. He's easy to talk to, fun, great with communication and of high character. And he loves his beards and growlers. Most importantly, he'll help make your event a success. 

Herb Drayton, Lead DJ

We call him Basil. Cause he's our favorite Herb. An absolute terrible joke, we know. But Herb Drayton is not only one of our talented DJs, he's also a longtime friend. Owner Troy Adams has known Herb for over a decade. The first time they met, Troy was actually umpiring his first softball game...and called Herb out on (bad) strikes. And that was when Troy first learned of Herb's great patience & personality. 


A father of two, there is nothing Herb can't handle. He actually went to Michigan to play the same time Tom Brady was there. So he decided to play backup Safety instead! We're not trying to name-drop, just to point out that he's been in big events. But no event will be bigger to him than your wedding and he'll treat it as such. His first wedding involved teaming up with a national band...and he nailed it. His next one after that, he avoided a runaway tent and kept a flawless ceremony! Point is, there's nothing he can't handle. He's patient, personable, humble, engaging & dedicated. And he'll make sure everything is fun, easy, stress-free and a huge success. 

James Hickey, Lead DJ

James has it all. Oftentimes when we first meet someone who wants to be a DJ, we see areas we'll have to work on to help mold them into the overall professional we want them to be. But James? He pretty much had it all at the start. His motivation, passion, music knowledge, technical savvy, communication, organization - I mean you name it, he demonstrated it. 


James is tall. And so are his goals. Not only does he love DJing, but he also has goals of running his own real estate investment company. He also enjoys working with kids, lists both Kanye West and Queen as his favorite artists, and won't pass up watching The Lion King or Harry Potter. He loves people, loves learning and takes great joy in helping people laugh and celebrate. So many people tell us they love music and love weddings/events, but James doesn't just say it...he lives it. We know James is going to help make your event a huge success!  

Jeff Smith, Lead DJ / Staff Director


Jeff is one of the most polite people we've ever met. Maybe it's from his military background. Maybe it's how he was raised. Maybe it's his character forged from life experiences. Whatever it's from, it's good. Like that song-that-just-makes-you-happy-and-wanna-dance-good. We met with Jeff and loved him from the start. It was during the busy season and we weren't planning to bring on any new team members until things slowed down, but Jeff remained thorough, caring and professional in his communication with us. It became quickly clear that he was someone we needed to have on our team. 


Jeff's communication is as positive as his personality. He's on-time, detailed and considerate. He seeks first to understand others and then delivers what he can do to help. We're honored to have him on our team and we know he'll help make your event a success. Just don't ask him to do his Axl Rose dance. 

Karenski Brown, Lead DJ

Karenski is our music connoisseur. In addition to his DJ skills, he's also a music teacher and performer. If he's not DJing, you'll probably find him behind a keyboard performing at Dean & DeLuca, Mickey & Mooch or several other spots. He studied Music Performance in college and was in the Marching Band. You should see him in that outfit. (We have an inside bet that he wears it around the house). Speaking of outfits, Karenski might also be one of our best dressed. But we know what matters to you, and that's his ability to lead your event. 


He knows his way around equipment. He knows music. He knows how to lead a room. And as a teacher, you can bet he's also organized. So when trying to decide who to trust your big day to, you can feel confident Karenski will take great care of you. He's personable, humble, easy-going and loves working with people to make such an important day a memorable, fun, successful one. 

Patrick Ryder, Lead DJ

A fellow fraternity brother, Patrick Ryder met CDJP owner Troy at Elon University in the Spring of 1996. DJ "Eazy Ryder" was a hot commodity on the campus dance scene. "C'mon Ride It (The Train)" was his signature song in the early years, involving the most unique dance moves a music, or train, conductor has ever seen. In all seriousness, after 20 years of knowing and working with Patrick, he's suited to make your event a success. Possessing the perfect combination of professionalism, charisma and humility that's necessary of a quality DJ, Patrick will make your event a smooth and enjoyable ride.

He has some extraordinary event-planning skills also, helping plan "Rich & Bennett's" St. Patrick's Day event with more than 15,000 participants. I even trusted Patrick with DJing my own wedding! Whether it's a wedding, corporate event, downtown dance-off or house party, he'll make it a success.  

Paul Richardson, Lead DJ / Staff Mgr

We have to admit, we were a little intimidated when we first met Paul! I mean, the guy coaches basketball and football and picks up heavy equipment like Luke Keuchly picks up water bottles. But in reality, he's just a big teddy bear. And one that's committed, experienced and talented. Paul has been DJ'ing for years and ran sound for his wife's band, "Leslie & Friends." So he knew his stuff when he came to us. The keyboardist in the band is our own DJ Karenski, so we already had a trusted recommendation on Paul. He lived up to those high expectations when we sat down with him. 

The planning document Paul had been using on his own was nearly as detailed as ours, so it was clear attention to detail was big for him. He knows his way around audio equipment, knows how to speak on a microphone, knows his music...and most importantly...knows to put his clients first. We know we'll help make your wedding or event a huge success. 

Quinn Russell, Lead DJ / Ops Dir.

I had trouble just selecting a bio picture for Quinn. Why? Because she can do anything, has been everywhere, and is a ton of fun! When we first met Quinn, we were immediately impressed. She nailed every hard question we gave her on music, mixing, weddings, events, you name it. But even more impressive...she's in it for the right reason: people. She wants to make a positive impact on people, help them celebrate life's biggest days/events, and do so through music & DJing. 


Quinn is also an accomplished singer, dancer & actor. She grew up on the beaches of NC, got her start as a karaoke DJ in New York, and later as an event entertainer in LA. She's even ordained and could jump in to marry you if needed! 


She has a zest for life, a passion for music, and her friends say "she's never met a stranger." She makes your wedding/event about you and bringing your vision come to life. And those are just some of the reasons why we know she's going to help make your wedding/event a success. 

Steven Green, Lead DJ

Steven is a walking example of our core values. Two of our top values are putting people first and going above and beyond in work ethic. Steven lives those daily. When we grilled him on why he wanted to work with us, and why he wanted to DJ...his answers all revolved around people. He said things like "be part of someone's biggest day," "make new friendships," and "earn people's trust." Fittingly, it was one of our most-trusted DJs who recommended Steven to us. Taking it a step further, his life goals revolve around being the best man and father he can be. To us, that shows not only commitment to people, but also to self-improvement, which is another core value of ours.


The man checks off every box! Did we mention his favorite book is also above love?!  He knows the importance of earning trust. And he knows it doesn't come easy, which is why he works so hard. He's dedicated, driven, and loyal. He takes the time to get it right. He's also getting married himself soon, so he knows both perspectives of a wedding. And we know whatever the situation, he'll make it a success for you!

Will Soulier, Lead DJ

Will is always smiling. And it's infectious. He makes all of us, and his clients, smile and laugh. Now, he's not some juvenile jokester by any means - he's a longtime professional DJ. He LOVES DJing and it shows to us and our clients. He's been ALL-IN since we first met him. Within a week he had put in over 24 hours of training, arrived early/stayed late at a networking event we hosted, and immediately connected with our team and colleagues. Those were immediate signs he loved doing this, and he's been excelling as a DJ with us every dance since. You can see the passion in every word and action when it comes to DJing and planning.

He's the perfect DJ in that he does this for the joy it brings him helping others. 
His energy, experience, work ethic, commitment, drive, professionalism and personality are completely aligned with our goal of building relationships and helping people through DJing. We know he'll help make you laugh, make your day memorable, and make it a total success.

Our Photo Booth Coordinators

We love our Photo Booth Coordinators! They're great people who will make sure you and your guests have an amazing time! They're of course also skilled at operating our Photo Booths and all the details that go into that, such as lighting, camera ops, specific software, etc. You're in good hands with them and our Photo Booths!

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