Wondering what our plan is for an easy process and memorable event that people talk about for years? How we organize your thoughts, avoid headaches, earn your trust & make you feel like a pro? 

  1. You talk to your DJ before you book us. That way, you can ask them questions and decide if he/she is the right fit. Book us and we send you a clear contract and industry-leading planning tools.
  2. Your DJ will set up two 1:1 calls or meetings together. We personalize things to you and walk through everything together, start to finish.
  3. Our DJ, office staff & owner will check-in with you regularly. We'll also connect with your vendor team so everyone's on the same page. 
  4. We arrive early to ensure a smooth setup. Then we draw on experience & execute the plan in place to produce successful celebrations!

    Our relationships, experience & preparation are what make the difference in creating easy processes and memorable events that live on for years. 


These are the Ethics & Principles by which we operate by internally & externally: 



Be professional at all times with our words, actions & presentation.
Be inclusive. We welcome and support everyone.
Be kind & considerate. We depend on each other & our actions affect all.
Be honest & genuine. We respect honesty and believe others do as well.
Be full of integrity. True character is what you do when no one is looking.
Be supportive. Collaborate with, protect, and serve each other for safety & growth.
Be selfless. Put our client’s, colleagues', and team’s needs first. Be in their shoes.
Be respectful. We will not agree all the time. We can respectfully disagree & learn perspective.
Be objective. Present facts over opinions and remain impartial when possible.
Be loyal. Trust is earned over time. 



Seek first to understand, then be understood.
Build relationships and trust first.
Under-promise & over-deliver.
Balance humility, hunger & confidence.

Do what we say we'll do.

Create win-win situations.
Prepare for success.
Expect and inspect.
Pursue learning.

Show GRIT - grace, resolve, integrity, tenacity

Demonstrate character & competence.