Wondering what our plan is for an easy process and memorable event that people talk about for years? How we organize your thoughts, avoid headaches, earn your trust & make you feel like a pro? 

  1. You talk to your DJ before you book us. That way, you can ask them questions and decide if he/she is the right fit. Book us and we send you a clear contract and industry-leading planning tools.
  2. Your DJ will set up two 1:1 calls or meetings together. We personalize things to you and walk through everything together, start to finish.
  3. Our DJ, office staff & owner will check-in with you regularly. We'll also connect with your vendor team so everyone's on the same page. 
  4. We arrive early to ensure a smooth setup. Then we draw on experience & execute the plan in place to produce successful celebrations!

    Our relationships, experience & preparation are what make the difference in creating easy processes and memorable events that live on for years. 


These are the Ethics & Principles by which we operate by internally & externally: 



Be helpful. We seek to impact through action, to go above & beyond, and to be selfless.
Be open. We believe in being honest, transparent, genuine & authentic.
Be honorable. We want to define ourselves through integrity & high character.
Be willing. We're humble & hungry. We challenge ourselves to get uncomfortable & constantly learn.
Be understanding. People's perspectives matter. We seek to understand & build trust first.
Be diligent. We think preparation, persistence, grit & consistency lead to success.