Join Our Team!  We're Hiring!

We're looking to hire FULL-TIME DJs, PART-TIME DJs, and PART-TIME OPERATIONS STAFF to join our teams in Charlotte, Asheville, Charleston, Columbia and Greenville. We DJ/MC hundreds of weddings & events each year throughout the Carolinas. We also provide all the music for the Charlotte Checkers games at Bojangles Coliseum.

We're looking for individuals who are organized, dependable, strong communicators, love music and are passionate about building relationships and helping people on their wedding day. 80% of our business is doing weddings, so you must truly enjoy all things wedding-related and working closely with couples and other event professionals.

We provide all training on equipment, event structure/execution, and the entire DJ and/or Photo Booth process from booking through event completion. What we cannot teach and are looking for is personality, attitude, character, communication, organization and a love of music and people.

This will be the most exciting & fun job you’ll ever have! We have an amazing team of people, and we get to meet and work with hundreds of incredible clients on the biggest days of their lives. It's incredibly rewarding. For corporate & sporting events, we get to be a part of some incredible things at amazing places and with fascinating people as well. Take for example the Electric Run, where we rocked out 20,000 people on stage at Charlotte Motor Speedway. But with all this comes incredible responsibility, so we’re only looking for the best people and those willing to be trained. Our training is a balance of both unpaid and paid training. 

*If interested, please email us your resume, list of references and any social media profile links where we can learn more about you. *Please cater your resume to this position and how your career to date has positioned you to succeed in this role. Applicants must also have reliable transportation and some experience relevant to events, be it direct wedding/event involvement or in general things like planning, public speaking, music, performance, production or media. Those working a Photo Booth (PB) must have the ability to fit 6-foot panels in their vehicle at times. DJs, Operations and PB staff must be able to lift some 25 to 40-pound equipment to shoulder height. 

Full-time DJs will have the opportunity to work as many weddings/events as they want. Our busy season is March through December, with events on Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays.

Part-time DJs can expect to work 1-3 weekend days/month. On average, our DJs also put in about 4 hours/week for planning, meetings, etc. DJs need to be able to commit to events 6-12 months in advance, as that's when we're often booked. For DJs, the average pay is $500-$700/event and ranges between $25-$50/hour for all time invested in each event. For our PB staff, the starting pay is $200/event which ends up being about $20-$25/hour for an 8-10 hour day. Operations staff will range between $15-$25/hour. 

Email us at if interested. 

*Submissions MUST have the following to be reviewed & considered*:
1. Resume, including how your experience/skills are relevant to this position
2. Cover Letter on why you are interested in this position and think you'd be a good fit
3. Three References
4. Listing any of your Social Media profiles: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram