Joel Cochran

Lead DJ

When a fellow event pro tells you they know someone who will be a great DJ, that's a good start. But for us, it's more than just a good start, it's being good start to finish. Well, Joel took those big expectations we had and far exceeded them. When we talk about "being more than a DJ," and "being a professional," Joel exemplifies that. 

He was first introduced to us by his longtime friend Bryson (of Moving Mountains Studios). Right away, we see tell Joel was genuine and a man of high character. He's also worked on the catering side of the hospitality industry, so Joel is well balanced. As a DJ, that balance and detail show through. He's driven, dedicated and a leader. He's also easy-going, a great listener and the guy you want to have a beer and talk life with. We know he's going to help make your wedding/event a huge success. 


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