JD (John) Dillard

Lead DJ

I mean, is that picture not the epitome of "cool" or what?! The best part is that JD lived up to that coolness when we met. This guy is cooooooool. For starters, he has TWO GRAMMY'S. (Mic drop). Need we say more? 

JD has been a live musician and all his life. He's obviously talented. But he's also humble, engaging, personable, professional and a man of integrity. Those are all traits consistent with the core of who we are. JD knows music. When he joined us a DJ, it was a no-brainer. We knew he'd be great at it. And we were correct. JD is not just knowledgable about the wedding/event world, but he's cool under pressure, able to think on his feet, communicates well, is organized and most importantly - puts you first. He loves what he does and knows the importance of your day. We have no doubt JD will make your wedding/event even cooler than he is. 

Email JD@CarolinaDJProfessionals.com

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