Herb Drayton

Lead DJ

We call him Basil. Cause he's our favorite Herb. An absolute terrible joke, we know. But Herb Drayton is not only one of our talented DJs, he's also a longtime friend. Owner Troy Adams has known Herb for over a decade. The first time they met, Troy was actually umpiring his first softball game...and called Herb out on (bad) strikes. And that was when Troy first learned of Herb's great patience & personality. 


A father of two, there is nothing Herb can't handle. He actually went to Michigan to play QB...at the same time Tom Brady was there. So he decided to play backup Safety instead! We're not trying to name-drop, just to point out that he's been in big events. But no event will be bigger to him than your wedding and he'll treat it as such. His first wedding involved teaming up with a national band...and he nailed it. His next one after that, he avoided a runaway tent and kept a flawless ceremony! Point is, there's nothing he can't handle. He's patient, personable, humble, engaging & dedicated. And he'll make sure everything is fun, easy, stress-free and a huge success. 


Email:  Herb@CarolinaDJPros.com

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