Brian Stauffer

Lead DJ

Not only does Brian have great hair, but he also has great experience and character. Brian has been on-air as a radio DJ for 25 years, and much of that time working as a mobile DJ also. He's a seasoned professional, but more than that, he's also humble and hungry. He has a great attitude and way about him. We're lucky to have him on our team. It took a while to make it happen though...


When we first met Brian and offered him the job to join our team...he ended up having to decline it because he was relocated for a radio job. We were crushed. But then he totally redeemed himself when he wrote us back about a year later that he was moving back to Asheville for good. His Mom lives in Asheville, and after working radio all over the country also, this is where he wants to call home. He loves dogs, people, and he's constantly striving to improve. We love that, as constant improvement is a core belief of ours. We know Brian is a pro, and we know he'll help make your day a huge success.   


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