Photo Booth Details


* Book it with a 50% deposit paid within 30 days of the contract.

* You can rent our Photo Booth for just $695 (4 hrs) or $750 (5 hrs) when added to our DJ Packages

* You can rent the Photobooth on a stand-alone basis, without our DJ services, for just $750 (4 hours).

* Our rates are $100 below the industry average, since the Photo Booth is part of a number of services we offer. 



* Choose between an ENCLOSED BOOTH or OPEN STYLE

          If not specifically requested, we will choose one based on factors like venue space & availability. 

* You can design you own custom logo for the bottom of each strip, or customize the text you want. 

          If not provided with a custom design, we'll place your Name/Date/Venue in Text at the bottom and

          choose a general background image like market lights, distressed wood paneling, etc. 

* Each session will take 4 photos & print 2-6 copies (your choice!) of the photo strip.

          One of those pictures will go into your scrapbook and the rest go to your guests!

We use black or white card stock for the pages of the Photo Albums. Let us know if you have a preference. 

* Every rental will get a link to download all the photo strips also!

* Weddings will also receive a signed scrapbook. 

* Our Props include 40+ assorted wigs, hats, glasses, masks & signs (list below). 

We'll have an Attendant at the booth the entire time of operation to assist guests & build your scrapbook. 



* Translucent white panels combined with LED Lighting allows for a customizable look of any color for our           enclosed booth, or you can keep all white. 

* Open Style setups feature a white or black stand-alone kiosk with pipe-and-drape backdrops. 

* We have beautiful gold, gold/white or blue sequin backdrops, as well as simple white or gray fabric.                     backdrops. Want a specific color? Let us know at least a month out and we can get!

* Touchscreen & Push Button activation.

* Canon T3 Digital SLR camera & dye sub printer produces amazing quality photos.



Our Photo Booth, like most, is a "one-size fits all" booth, so kids may need an adult to hold them.

* We don't provide a chair or step-stool due to liability reasons of people falling. 

* Children must have adult supervision. 

* We take 1 copy of each photo strip and place in your scrapbook for people to sign. We respectfully encourage       everyone to sign the scrapbook next to pictures, but cannot guarantee everyone will sign it. We try our best         to get everyone to though!

Our Full Prop List
Check out our full list of props. Each Photo Booth prop package features most all of these props, but not all of them. This is our combined list between all our Photo Booths. If you have a specific request, please let us know.
Full Prop List.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [191.1 KB]