Paul Clatfelter

Lead DJ

Paul is a true professional. He's been DJing for a decade. At his first DJ job in Kansas, he was promoted to run the entire operation not long after being hired as a DJ. In addition to his extensive DJ experience, he's been in hospitality for years and works at The Westin here in Charlotte.


He loves DJing, loves meeting new people and always puts everyone else first. He's mild-mannered and puts the focus where it should be - you and your guests. Basically, Paul has the complete package. He's a humble leader. He's organized, patient and calm under pressure. And as a bonus, the man knows how to dress! He'll make your night look good and ensure it's fun, stress-free and successful.  



I got SO many compliments on the music. We had a few specific requests ourselves, which Paul took care of, and all the other music was very well chosen. There was a lunar eclipse that night and we invited our guests outside to look at it, so he opened the door to the venue and played Dancing in the Moonlight and Moonlight Sonata to set the mood. GREAT improvisation on his part! I got a lot of comments about how clever that was. He also went above and beyond, getting food and drinks for us, taking care of any special requests, and MC'd the trivia questions we had written up for the cocktail hour. It was PERFECT. Thanks, Paul!


~ Kaye Updegrove - Wichita, KS


Paul was so helpful! He didn't only care about the music but he cared about everything that was going on and was asking me (the bride) and my parents and anyone else if they needed anything. He even stayed after to help my parents carry decorations and things out!


~ L.H. - Wichita, KS


Paul was very personable. He met with us before to discuss the timeline of the reception and added special parts that my husband and I didn't think of. He helped with anything we needed and even brought us drinks while we were eating. He was fantastic

I would recommend him to anyone.


~ R.L. - Wichita, KS


Paul was amazing!!! He was extremely detailed, he catered to the bride and groom and he was on top of making sure everything went as planned. I couldn't be happier with the way the wedding turned out!!!


~ Danielle Strauber - Overland Park, KS


Paul did a wonderful job and made sure everything went smoothly. The uplighting was beautiful and the music was also on point. Thanks for everything, you all made our day very special and memorable.


~ S.L. - Wichita, KS


Paul was so professional. He made our wedding reception! I've had a ton of friends and family tell me how great our DJ was. I will definitely be recommending him to everyone I know.


~ Milissa Mauldin - Wichita, KS

If I were a singer in a band, I'd be...

...Maynard Keenan.


What's the worst hairdo you've ever had?

A bowl cut.


What's your go-to dance move?

I don't have one.


Favorite thing about DJing a Wedding or Event?  

Getting the know the bride and groom and their families and guests. 


Worst thing you've witnessed at Wedding or Event?  

I attended a friend's wedding as a guest and noticed the DJ got in line for food right behind the wedding party and then went over to the bar and got three beers for himself. After eating his dinner and drinking at least two of the beers he started their reception dancing and then disappeared for about a half-hour while he let a pre-made playlist play.


What's your favorite sport?  



Favorite team?

Blackhawks, Steelers, Kansas


Favorite activities beside DJing?

Spending time with family & friends, reading, binge-watching a new show.