Cory Mendat

Lead DJ

Yes, Cory can leap tall buildings in a single bound and run through fire. He can also DJ weddings and every event imaginable. And if you asked him, he'd probably run through fire for you if you wanted! 


We've known Cory for more than a decade. We first met through playing kickball and flag football through SportsLink in Charlotte. Cory both competed, and ran, several of the leagues. It was there we began to see Cory's ability to lead, communicate and stay cool under pressure (like when people are yelling at you because they think you missed a call). So we recruited Cory to join our team. And he has not disappointed. He's dedicated, detailed and easy to talk to. Which means, the planning and execution of your wedding will be both a huge success and great fun. 




Cory and Troy were absolutely the best!!


As a bride and groom from Raleigh, they made the process so so easy and so fun! They had the best song recommendations when we had trouble thinking of songs (picking songs was harder than I thought but they made it so much easier and they were so patient ).


I would give y'all 100 stars if I could, no one wanted the night to end!

Thank y'all for everything!


~ Morgan & Jordan Scott - Cleveland, NC

What song best desribes you as a DJ?

You're the Best Around - Joe Esposito (from the original Karate Kid soundtrack)


If I were a singer in a band, I'd be...

...Mick Jagger.


What's the worst hairdo you've ever had?

My bad 90's ponytail. (OMG!)


If I'm your DJ, I promise I won't…



What's your go-to dance move?

Sadly, I don't have. 


What's your strongest trait as a DJ?

Preparation, Attention to detail, and I love people. 


Worst thing you've ever seen at a Wedding...

I saw a bridesmaid's hair briefly catch on fire at a friend's wedding! 


Favorite thing about DJing a Wedding or Event?  

Announcing the wedding people - I get to make people feel like they're Michael Jordan for the day. 


What's your favorite sport?  



Favorite team?

Philadelphia: Eagles, Phillies, Flyers, 76ers


Favorite activities beside DJing?

Championship-winning Kickball player! Running & Movies also. 


Favorite Song?

I want you back - Jackson 5