Amanda Mongno

Lead DJ

This picture is a pretty good representation of Amanda - fun, energetic and professional. By day she's a teacher, but by night she's a party-starter. But a party-starter in a good way, in that it's about everyone else having a good time. She's gonna have a fun time regardless! 


While she's fun and energetic, she's also giving and caring. She volunteers with the Miracle League Network. She loves animals. And she works with toddlers for a living. So patient, kind and trust-worthy are also words to describe her. She'll throw-up some weights with anyone, and throw down some dance-moves too. 


She's organized, driven and other than when she watches the Jets play...she's happy. She loves to stay busy and help people, which is why she loves working weekends and helping people celebrate. We know she'll help make your wedding or event a fun & memorable one. 



Favorite Song to Describe Me as a DJ...

...Wannabe by the Spice Girls...because your day is all about you. ("Soooo tell me what you want, what you really, really want!")


If I were a singer in a band, I'd be...

...Bruno Mars.


What's the worst hairdo you've ever had?

My bangs got cut halfway in the middle of my forehead and I had to wear hats to cover it up for 2 months!


If I'm your DJ, I promise I won't…

Bust A Move...unless you tell me to!


What's your go-to dance move?

The Bernie. 


What's your strongest trait as a DJ?

Enthusiasm, Energy & Creativity. 


Favorite thing about DJing a Wedding or Event?  

Establishing relationships with new people and helping create memories that will be cherished forever. 


Favorite thing you've witnessed at Wedding or Event?  

The Bride & Groom had a light saber war. It was LEGENDARY.


What's your favorite sport?  



Favorite team?

New York: Jets, Rangers, Mets


I'm too old to...

...still be a Fan Girl of the Biebs.


I'm young to...

...know all the lyrics to Marky Mark songs...but my Mother taught me well. 


Favorite activities beside DJing?

Working out, weight-lifting, Hiking, Karaoke & Dancing.