Will Soulier

Lead DJ

Will is always smiling. And it's infectious. He makes all of us, and his clients, smile and laugh. Now, he's not some juvenile jokester by any means - he's a longtime professional DJ and a respected financial planner - but he LOVES DJing and it shows to us and our clients. He's been ALL-IN since we first met him. Within a week he had put in over 24 hours of training, arrived early/stayed late at a networking event we hosted, and immediately connected with our team and colleagues. Those were immediate signs he loved doing this, and he's been excelling as a DJ with us every dance since.


You can see the passion in every word and action when it comes to DJing and planning. He's the perfect DJ in that he doesn't do this for the money, he does it for the joy it brings him helping others. From the moment we met Will, we knew he was a fit for us. His energy, experience, work ethic, commitment, drive, professionalism and personality are completely aligned with our goal of building relationships and helping people through DJing. We know he'll help make you laugh, make your day memorable, and make it a total success.


Email Will@CarolinaDJProfessionals.com

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