Myrick Parker

Lead DJ

Myrick Parker was referred to us from another friend and DJ. In doing my research before hiring him...I discovered he was good friends with my brother...and that I had already met him several years prior and played golf together! Talk about having a good feeling about somebody! 


From our very first discussion, Myrick displayed all the traits of a great DJ...and person. He knows how important a wedding is to those involved and treats it as such. He has a genuine passion to help people. He's engaging yet humble. He's a leader and listener. And he has the best style of all of us. His very first wedding...was an outdoor one in a monsoon so bad we were standing in water...but he still rocked it out and the bride & groom raved about him. Next one - the wedding planner was texting me pics of a full dance floor all night! You get where I'm going - you can rest assured Myrick will make your wedding or event a great one!



What song best describes you as a DJ?  

Rock and Roll All Night! (and party everyday...)

If you were to be a singer or in a band, you'd be….

DJ Kilmore (Incubus) He might just have the coolest job in the world!

What's the worst hairdo you've ever had?  

During my senior year college spring break, I thought it would be cool to let my friends give me a mohawk. Well, I was wrong. It was not cool in the least bit.

If I'm your DJ, I promise I won't… 

Start a Conga Line during the middle of dinner, or start a Conga Line at any point for that matter. Unless that's what you want!


What's your go to dance move? 

The MC Hammer Dance of course.

What's your strongest traits as a DJ? 

I believe in getting to know clients as well as possible so that on your "special day" you have a tailor-fitted celebration experience.  I don't want there to be any off-the-wall surprises for you, and I want you to have peace of mind knowing that your guests are having an awesome time.

What's your favorite sport? 

Football, but have recently taken up Disc Golf and it's awesome!

Favorite teams? 

Carolina Panthers, Charlotte Hornets, UNC TarHeels 

Favorite activities beside DJing? 

Hanging with the Family (Wife and 2 boys), Disc Golf, Ball Golf.

My favorite part of DJing weddings is... 

Seeing a permanent smile on the faces of the Bride and Groom during the reception, and you know that it truly is the BEST day of their life. This will be a day they remember forever, and I never take for granted that I was a small part of their BIG day!


My favorite part of DJing events & parties is... 

I understand that music is a HUGE part of making life better and I take pride in being able to play music that helps bring people together for an insanely good time.

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