Joshua Clingerman

Lead DJ

When Joshua came to us, we almost thought he was too good to be true. I mean, the guy talked about his passion for DJing coming from a place of wanting to help others. He talked about giving back to the community and his lifelong goal of helping those with mental illness and drug addiction. He spoke of the joy he finds in meeting new people and learning their stories. And he told us this is what he wanted to do for a living. We thought, c'mon now. He's either fooling us or we're dreaming. 


Come to find out, neither was true. We weren't dreaming and he wasn't fooling us. He's the real deal, and he's proved it. He truly loves helping people make lifelong memories. He's all about building relationships, which is a core mission of ours. And he can certainly DJ. He produces his own positive music on the side, as well. That positivity comes through in all he does. He puts his clients first. He listens, goes all-in and carries himself as a pro. He's attentive, detailed and goes the extra mile. We're lucky to have him and know he'll help make your wedding or event a huge success.  


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