George White

Lead DJ & Staff Manager

George White was born with headphones on. His first baby crib was actually an old equipment case. And at the age of 3 he started his Wedding career when he stole the hearts of hundreds with his Footloose performance of "Let's Hear it for the Boy" on a reception dance floor. Fast Forward 30 years & George is one of our Lead DJs. 


What makes George strong as a DJ is his ability to listen to your ideas and bring them to life. He's a wizard on the board. I even had another DJ company call me once to ask who DJed a certain wedding because the photographer was still talking about how the DJ did for weeks after. George was that DJ. He's easy to talk to, fun, great with communication and of high character. And he loves his beards and growlers. Most importantly, he'll help make your event a success. 


George White

When did you start DJing? 

What is your favorite DJ memory?
2005 I was still DJ'ing EDM. I traveled to Columbia, SC for a show and opened for one of my favorite EDM dj's.

What is your funniest DJ memory? 
Troy and I DJ'd a wedding at The Barn in Ft.Mill, SC. We witnessed an entire dance floor sing Bohemian Rhapsody. AMAZING!

What song best describes you as a DJ? 
Juicy - Notorious B.I.G.!

If you were to be a singer or in a band, you'd be…. 

the bass player!

What's the worst hairdo you've ever had?
During the 90's grunge era, I decided it would be cool to have dredlocks. It lasted 2 days before my parents made me cut them off.

If I'm your DJ, I promise I won't…  

make you wear a chicken hat and play the chicken song……. Unless that's what you want.

What's the worst thing you've ever witnessed as a guest at a wedding, event or party?

I once saw a DJ lay on the floor and allow the wedding guests to ride him like a surfboard during "Surfing USA".

What's your go to dance move?

The harlem shake or the robot.

What's your strongest traits as a DJ?

I can accomidate all genre's. From Rock to Reggae & Hip-Hop to Sockhop. Rockabilly, EDM, Funk, Folk, Bluegrass,etc. 

What's your favorite sport?



Favorite teams?

The Oakland Raiders……. (don't start).


Favorite activities beside DJing?

Being a father.


You're too old to…

...listen to dub step

You're too young to…

...go to bed before 8pm.

My favorite part of DJing weddings is...

...the reception!

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