Brandy Smith

Lead DJ

Don't be scared. Brandy won't show up with blue plastic gloves on when she DJs. But she will show up with that smile. 


Brandy is a Dental Assistant by day and DJ by...well by day and by night. She's got music on everywhere, as you can see in the picture. When we met Brandy, four things stood out to us: her attitude, her dedication, her love of people and her love of music. Pretty much the four most important things in a quality DJ in our opinion. Brandy is 100% dedicated to whatever she does. And she does what she loves. So rest assured she'll be just as invested in your wedding or event as you are. Passion and committment can't be taught, so we're thankful to have someone like Brandy that demonstrates them. Combined with her precision skills...both as a DJ and with a dental instrument...we know she'll make your event a huge success. Throw in her great energy and attitude and it will be both a fun day and a fun process getting there! 


What song best desribes you as a DJ?

Turn Down for What.


If I were a singer in a band, I'd be...

...a back-up singer for Bruno Mars, mainly so I could dance to his songs. 


What's the worst hairdo you've ever had?

80s hairband hair. We're talking high hair with wings and too much Rave hairspray. Yes, there are pictures.


If I'm your DJ, I promise I won't…

...let the party get dull or boring. 


What's your go-to dance move?

I'm not sure there is a "move," but more of just keeping rhythm and potentially dropping it while it's hot. 


What's your strongest trait as a DJ?

Connecting with people. DJing and leading an event is much easier when you sincerely get to know and understand people. That's always my goal, and so I'd say that's my strongest trait. 


What's your favorite sport?  



Favorite teams?

Carolina Panthers. 


Favorite activities beside DJing?

Dancing, hanging with friends, making new friends, exploring, kayaking. 


You're too old to...

...wear crop tops, daisy dukes and big hair. 


You're too young to...

...use Life Alert even though I fall all the time.


Everyone asks the DJ what their favorite song what's yours?

Forever by Chris Brown.  (However, I have many, many favorite songs)

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